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Police Concerned About Rise in Use of Bump Keys

Bump Keys – What You Should Know and Do

First see video below aired on ABC News.


Mike, Owner and Master Locksmith at Embassy Locksmith Inc. agrees with Top Security Locksmith, that was their expert in the piece, and also recommends if you are looking for the best locks in terms of security that are “bump proof” and very hard to break into in general go with

 and locksets, deadbolts and cylinders.

Yes they are more pricey than your standard locks but they are a safe investment, literally! Their keys are also non duplicate and you receive a card that you can take to your local key copy shop if you need to make duplicates.

Basically, for your lock to be “bump” drill or pick proof you need a lock without a keyway or a lock that is specifically designed to protect you from those scenarios .

 which is a keyless deadbolt is also an excellent choice as we also like the brand in general as reliable, attractive and affordable locks.

Today you can also go keyless and allowing smartphone connect, control and access but we think it is still early and your smartphone is vulnerable in itself if not more as it can be lost, stolen or hacked.

This is how a “bump key” works: It “bumps”or forces up the pins in the lock mechanism causing the lock to give way and then you are able to freely turn the key and open the door. There is on the outside no sign of forced entry which is concerning as is the ease of entry, with enough force it does not take long, just as long as it would take you to open your door.


Embassy Locksmith’s Top 3 “Bump Proof” Lock Choices:

Schlage Touch Mul-T-Lock Cylinder Medeco Cylinder

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